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With over ten years of experience using Tongkat Ali root extracts, Tongkat Fitness is widely regarded as the leading authority when it comes to Tongkat Ali products, usage, and advice.

Because we have been using Tongkat Ali root extract ourselves for many years and gathering lots of helpful customer feedback along the way, we have built up a wealth of Tongkat Ali knowledge, providing you with a place to find honest, useful advice that will help you get the most from your Tongkat Ali experience.

TKA 1:200 Tongkat Ali

At Tongkat Fitness we annually test the market leading Tongkat Ali root extracts available online and in-store, to make sure that we bring you the very best product we can.

To date, we have found TKA 1:200 from World A.B.S to be leagues ahead in both strength and consistency, because of this, we are proud to offer you TKA 1:200 Standardized Tongkat Ali root extract available directly from Tongkat Fitness.